folk black metal

ONIRISM – Falling Moon

The beauty of metal is that it can be combined with many forms of music, and work just as well as it would on its own. Folk metal, especially, is a common crossover that when done well, is beautiful. A band that [click to continue]

MYRKUR – Mareridt

Originally from New York, New York now relocated to Denmark, Myrkur is a upcoming black metal project formed by Amalie Bruun who’s the main musician and songwriter behind this establishment. This album caught me [click to continue]

MOONSORROW – Jumalten Aika

As we approach the Pagan holiday of the Winter Solstice, what better way to celebrate than some Pagan metal? Moonsorrow are a band that combines black metal and folk metal to create a unique blend that makes them stand [click to continue]

DZÖ-NGA – The Sachem’s Tales

With a name like Dzö-Nga, and the style of music that they play, you’d expect this group to be from Europe, however, the group hails from Boston, and has managed to put out one of the most captivating black metal [click to continue]

SAOR Recording New Album

Scottish atmospheric black/folk metal band Saor is progressing in terms of the new album completion. Mastermind Andy Marshall has been working on the band’s third album to follow Aura. There are no details [click to continue]


Many countries have bands that draw their sound and influence from their culture, religion and heritage but not many come out of India with a very ethnic sound, especially in the black metal scene. Heathen Beast is a [click to continue]