ALOR – Haerfest

Have you ever listened to a relaxing yet entrancing album that made you feel like you were at peace? This album is one of those ones that makes you feel that way. ALOR is a Neofolk/Dark Metal solo project from Spain [click to continue]

IN MOURNING Reveal New Drummer

At the beginning of this year, IN MOURNING announced the departure of their drummer Christian Netzell, who had been with the band since the beginning. A few days ago, the Swedish progressive melodic death metal band [click to continue]

What Bands Should We Cover Next?

So we’re taking this straight to you all! We want to know what bands you all would like to see reviewed, interviewed or just exposed. Does a band you know have a new album or song? Got an upcoming metal band that [click to continue]


Not many times do you get to interview a very influencial metal band in the underground black metal scene that is still alive and kicking. I got the pleasure to talk to Dylan from HECATE ENTHRONED who tells us about [click to continue]