INFERI – Revenant

Inferi are a technical/melodic death metal band from Nashville, Tennessee formed in 2006 and have put out some of the most incredible albums in recent memory. With 2018’s Revenant being the latest chapter from [click to continue]

EXMORTUS – The Sound Of Steel

Sometimes bands can sell themselves with one aspect of their sound. One part of a band is good enough to attract people to check them out. One such band is Exmortus. Their most recent album, “ The Sound of Steel” is [click to continue]


Debut releases come with a lot of pressure. As the first showcase of a band’s sound, a lot rides on the release being a solid example of what a band is. For the band Lacerate Thy Maker, their first release is a solid [click to continue]

GRUESOME – Twisted Prayers

Sometimes the thing that modern music needs is to back to the past. That’s exactly what old school death metal band Gruesome shows on their new album by going with a very old school sound that feels fresh in today’s [click to continue]


Resurgence is a death metal band that finally sees the release of its debut album Besieged. Besieged is an 8 track onslaught of catastrophic metal commotion that is sure to grab new metalhead’s attention by [click to continue]