Progressive metal is an interesting beast. While a lot of the metal genre prides itself on heaviness, brutality, and speed, prog likes to use advanced songwriting and tight-knit musicianship in order to create unique [click to continue]

JUDAS PRIEST – Firepower

Formed in 1969 from West Bromwich, England, Judas Priest are a British heavy metal band who influenced the new wave of British heavy metal bands from Black Sabbath and many others. Firepower is the eighteenth [click to continue]

SUSPERIA – The Lyricist

Many bands through the years evolve their sound, bounce through genres and find new voices and this is living proof of sometimes a different approach works out well. Poland’s Susperia are no strangers to the metal [click to continue]


Seeing a local band grow in size is always a great thing. Buried Above Ground are a band that have gone from Minnesota locals to a new, fresh face in the deathcore genre. On Tuesday, their new album “The Crown” [click to continue]


Finland is one of the best destinations for metal fans, not only do they have the highest number of metal bands per capita, but many bands from the country and really damn good. One of these bands is “Kalmah”, who [click to continue]

NIGHTMARER – Cacophony Of Terror

Death metal is a genre was has given the metal world many gems. From classics, to modern masterpieces, the genre continues to deliver great pieces of work. One of the great modern albums is “Cacophony of Terror” by [click to continue]