There’s been a lot of killer extreme metal releases for 2017 but after hearing Ohio’s very own The Convalescence with This Is Hell, this is a album I can safely say one of the most authentic, progressive, crafted and ambitious albums I’ve heard all year long. Combining elements of death metal, symphonic, black, metalcore and deathcore This Is Hell is the latest chapter from these musicians showcasing maturity, anger, progression, dread and the overall lyricism is perhaps the album’s shining star. From heart pounding guitar chord sections, darkened passages of audible synths, onslaught of vocals and swallowing pure innocent souls within This Is Hell’s beautifully designed production, there’s not many albums within the genre can fully capitalized and execute what’s given to the table.

Now being signed to Unique Leader Records, this is the band’s heaviest, catastrophic and by far the best material they’ve done in recent memory. Each song casts it’s own character portraying emotions, strength, determination, isolation and grabs the listener to engage such chaotic and amazing musical signatures that’s another memorable highlight on This Is Hell. The Convalescence’s This Is Hell is a album that is not meant for the faint of heart but for fans of death metal, symphonic, black and extreme music will get a sense where these individuals are going to take their sound for many years to come. Definitely don’t sleep on this album!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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