SIGNS OF THE SWARM – The Disfigurement of Existence

Signs Of The Swarm are a extreme metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and are back year later to create their most ambitious, relentless, technical and brutal sounding albums to date. The Disfigurement Of Existence takes naturalistic structures, unleashes furiously crafted slam oriented fillers and ferocity with chaotic, gloomy and progressive layering has never sounded incredibly magnificent. From the heart pounding guitar sections, blasphemous drumming, experimented vocal deliveries and punishing factors of intelligent songwriting these Pennsylvanians have not only outdone themselves to create a symbolic album but they’ve created the deathcore genre incredibly unique without any copy/ paste formulas presented here.

There’s handful of emotional tensions, barrage of madness and without any sorts of hesitation, the album continues to borrow elements of vicious melody into a atmosphere beautifully arranged this engages the listener extremely entertained to any deathcore fans wanting a sense where this album is taking the directional soundscapes start to finish. They’ve also done a wonderful job separating the composition work keeping their instrumental leads to never stray away from the amazement of these talented musicians even when they generally play a straightened style of extreme metal bringing out pure waves of monstrous aggression. While maintaining the band’s pleasant drastic shifting, Signs Of The Swarm’s The Disfigurement Of Existence is a album promising to not only win you over by its visualizing artwork but it’s a truly crafted and established albums in today’s modern day deathcore community. If Senseless Order was great, wait until you hear this sophomore album because there’s more than meets the eye.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


1 Comment on SIGNS OF THE SWARM – The Disfigurement of Existence

  1. FatGuyLittleCoat // November 13, 2017 at 8:49 PM // Reply

    badass,just checked these guys out.


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