Russian symphonic black and death metal band Arcanorum Astrum are one of the most categorized bands in the Russian black metal department and has created a monstrous effort titled The Great One. There’s symphonic black metal signatures, vibrant classical piano melodies, bombarding death metal blast beats and experimentally crafted vocal deliveries are quite impressive. Not to mention, this particular album features technical death metal’s own Karl Sanders from Nile as his contributions bringing out best of both worlds does a splendid job balancing both lead and rhythm guitar leads to incorporate such fascinating musical talent.

From soaring symphonic melodies, blasphemous anti-Christianity themed lyrics and a production that crushes your soul, The Great One borrows traditional blackened death metal roots into a more orchestral, cinematic and polarizing effects to not only bring out their satanic personalities but rather combine multiple genres to make the album fresh and exotic. For a Russian extreme metal band like Arcanorum Astrum to create a album that features intelligent songwriting, organic chemistry and swallowing the life of useless creatures The Great One may not necessarily be a perfection of a album but it does promise to bring next level for the underground community. If you’re fans of Behemoth, HATE, Graveworm, or blackened death metal with symphonic black metal elements, The Great One is surely worth your time to hear.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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