We took a moment to speak with the progressive death metal kings KROSIS about their music and what they like out there in the metal realm! MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band: KROSIS: Hello, [click to continue]

HUMAN WORMS – Limbless At Birth

Few things are as divisive as slam metal. The genre has its die hard supporters and detractors, or people like me, who listen to it every so often. Humans Worms are an up and coming band who recently released the EP [click to continue]


Blackened thrash is one of the best genre hybrids metal has to offer. Both genres have a lot to lend to each other, and when combined, create a really good sound. Nocturnal Graves are a blackened thrash metal band who [click to continue]

SKINLESS – Savagery

Brutal death metal is just that, brutal. Many bands use this as a crutch for their music, but other bands, like Skinless, use it as a backbone to their sound. Their new album “Savagery” is just that, a brutal album [click to continue]


The best aspect of the progressive metal genre is that it can be combined with basically anything and still work very well. Indifferent Engine are a progressive metal band that keep it metal, but add in plenty of punk [click to continue]

HORRORGRAPHY – Season Of Grief

Greece is no stranger to amazing extreme metal with bands such as SepticFlesh, Varathron, Rotting Christ and Necromantia. Well today we bring you another one to add to the list. Horrorgraphy is a symphonic doom metal [click to continue]